Monday, October 09, 2006

what your definition IS

So , in the yesteryear , yours truly would trip on a show called 'Over the Edge'on channel V . It was a show that would take all the stuff they could not show at earthly hours when Dorothy might turn on the telly or the stuff that they could not slot into 'House of Noise' and throw it at you in one concentrated half hour of weirdness.

Thus painted by the soundtrack of Chuck Palahniuk's imagination , I would approach junta with the question - 'Do you like Beck?'
Often , the expression would change to that they wear when theyve squished a large insect and just noticed the green I exaggerate ...the answer would be a ".....its weird stuff" , with the preceding dots in that line punctauated by hints of the above mentioned look.

Its good to see though that junta who would not touch such music with a bargepole cozy upto this genre from different angles.

Stumbled on this site today - Ishkur

There's electronic music from before the cows left home.
It has some kick-ass genre explanations , like this one that tripped me no end (bcos it rings true?) - IDM Artcore. Yeah, thats a name of a genre of electronic music.

Click on the pic and checkout the explanation on the bottom right.

Yeah, I did like IDM track one .
For those of you who remember the video from Unkle that was banned(in aid of sweet Dorothy) bcos it had a guy walkin thru a tunnel , getting pummelled by passing cars. That song is under the genre Illbient (under Downtempo - top right) . 'Ill' as in thats wicked , thats baaad , thats Ill. Buahahahaha

Have fun.


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