Friday, September 08, 2006

On over-analysis (that leads to over-simplification)

So , vkb put up this post about how the gmail toolbar is confusing.
Although his blog is way too much OTH at times , GUI design is something where, I like to believe, I'm entitled to some opinions

On pondering over it at length for 15 secs , I think the logic wouldve been - "In the Inbox and Allmail folders , the Delete button is the last one , as clicking on it will mean that those emails do not belong to that folder. So , the last button has a 'does not belong here' function . ....and in the Spam folder , the 'Not Spam' button does the same - the non-spam email does not belong there"

That leads us to the question , was that over-analysis by the gmail team.As opposed to a focus on the user and intuition . Paradoxically Over analysis leads to over-simplification where the assumption is somethings can be accurately analysed conceptually.

On a related note , I am trippin on Mr.D's recommendation - Paco Underhill's Why We Buy (...which leads me to discover that Wiki has not english entry for this dude)

So...I have this theory that car companies have a little trick. Its called the 'hard to get' . All the luxury cars have a certain similar flow of lines. Think Jaguar , BMW x Series, Lexus - they have a common set of design elements , which probably incorporate what is the current perception of 'wow!' (good wow) . Now , I'd argue that it is equally easy to make a car having these same elements at a much lower , mass-market price . But then , they would not be the scheming merchants then , would they? why dont you see tail lights and lines like that on a Ford Focus or Honda City
...thats the arbit theory of the week...a series which was not so much a series until this post....the theory though is kinda tested by the fact that the Camry and the Lexus share lineage and the 2007 camry kicks some semi-serious ass .

...maybe thats the plan ...phase out some ghise-pitey 'wow' elements by introducing them into the lower price bracket (?)

moving along .. Cisco is coming to a TV near you. So, they suddenly woke up and thought they need to be a consumer company maybe they found that out when they acquired Linksys who makes your wireless router...anyway..appears they will get a new logo in Oct to go with the whole story...will be interesting to see that play out - and since this push is headed by a woman , it reminds me of Fiorina at HP trying to be all 'consumer' and make digital cameras and all kinds of consumer stuff ...some companies can only do somethings (Dell also made mp3 players and digital cameras - frickin Dell!!!).... personally...I am rooting for Cisco , they maybe the big bad boy(ala Microsoft) stifling competition in their industry , but one has to hand it to people who want to do new stuff. Go Steve!


Blogger Venu said...

haha.. "does not belong here" theory is good.. delete forever also means does not belong here..and with googles amazing spam filter, delete forever should be the option.. "Not spam" doesnt even need to be there :), leave alone being there at the right :)

3:22 AM  
Blogger mohayana said...

err...nope . In the spam folder , Delete forevevr means - this IS spam (belongs here) so , delete it.

Still , as accurate as their spam filter maybe it is no infalliable and that button should be there - the positionining is quesitonable

3:32 PM  

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