Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This pic might not make it as big as the lone guy blocking the path of a tank in Tiananmen , but its quite a pic

Kids posing in front of Tanks on Bangkok's streets - The military took control of the country last night

Tis also a nod at Thai dealings - things are rarely what they seem.

The level of shadow puppetry thats lead to last night's coup had exhausted the country and dented the economy to no small extent.

Thaksin has been a lame duck since Jan and his declaration from NYC that he has ordered martial law is beyond silly

He rarely was in the King's good books and that does not help his political career .

He had even gone so far as putting up posters of himself on many a country road . Posters that show him dressed in Royal regalia , with medals and all , much like the King's - recipe to get bullied.

Someone else who has gotten bullied in this whole affair is Temasek.
Their 2.6 Billion $ stake in AIS has already seen 40% of its value eroded with all the turmoil following their buying Thaksin's family business earlier this year.

This article in the financial times is a sparkling piece on the extent of 'adjust maadi' in Thai FDI system and the problem with that is that it is a house of cards.

Just like Thaksin's was when he messed with the Army and the King.

Investors will better have learned a few lessons following this episode.


Blogger corporate whore said...

Apparently there is some religion angle and all?

Is the king really in favour of the miliraty coup, or is he also a nizam type puppet?

12:52 PM  
Blogger Mr. D said...

Thai king bob, not like nizam - he's full revered and all.

5:46 PM  
Blogger mohayana said...

Nizam ...buahahaha

The King is religion maga.
This year is the kings 60th Anniv or smthing , and on tuesdays ALL of Bangkokg wear's yellow T-shorts with the royal insignia ...and that includes senior management at MNCs.
Moral dont mess ...but theres some more insight on that here:

Some cool pics of junta freaking out with the miltry :

6:02 PM  

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