Saturday, July 29, 2006

Its out there

I remember seeing the first report on MIT OCW , their effort to make their learning available on the internet ,and being impressed.
Glad to see now that it has buy in from Johns Hopkins, Tufts , Duke , among 100 universities from around the world now a part of the OCW Consortium.

Which resonates with the Moosh man Thomas Friedman , giving this lecture on his book, The World is Flat at MIT - View here . He never fails to impress , except maybe when he goofs some technological reference (those details are not his job) , or when he says bUngalore , but you better get used to phirangs doing that.

Anyway...abt OCW - if reading is not your cuppa , theres some cool audio/video lectures.

Its sad though that given India's role in the new digital world , there not one Indian university in the OCW Consortium. Is that because of the level of government control on Indian universities?

Now they'll ban my blog.


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