Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vela trip (vera velai illai)

So..some minimalist music and velagiri has yielded some trippin

First off , its Steve Reich(whose music might last a thousand years....err dubba pun , but I spent some formative years thumbing books on the Nazis)....he supposedly a 'minimalistic' musician. Which is what I thought when I heard "Electric Counterpoint - Slow" and "Electric Counterpoint - Fast" . I liked the ...well..minimalism and got the album Music for 18 musicians which was made by his ensemble which started with 3 and grew to 18.

The album like Couter point is variations of the same set.
Section 3 , is like Bjork's Pagan Poetry meets the care-free exuberence of some classic 80's Ilayaraaja for Mani Ratnam . Such is the music.

Critiqued here

...and talking of strange sounds , I saw Broken Flowers last week , after a while listening to that haunting score by Mulatu Astatqe , I recalled that I indeed possessed a DVD of the same, which I bought in this trippy alley in DJakarta

Enjoyed watching the movie , though Bill Murray's general zombie countenace like in Lost in Translation is becoming solpa boring
...nyway , watching the movie made me research Mulatu and I stumbled upon Fela Kuti's wiki entry , some guy!....funny article that...reads like the exploits of a dada-ist AfroBeat musician.

...and among other things , came across this Shunga(Hentai)by Hokusai

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife , 19th Century wood cut

.... which reminded me of this old goth painting , but with a kind of twist only the Japs can introduce

The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, 1781

...and last I found this blog ,of a desi who said this

I'll let you discover more - here

All in all vela paisa vasool for broadband .


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