Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Go to barcamp

...continuing on the open source theme from the last post...

I heard of this concept of Barcamp.....which is pretty much a 'wiki' like event .
(Wunder how long it will take 'wiki' to be in the dictionary ala googled)

You can check it here

Recall a died-before-it-saw-the-light-of-someones-eyes-wall-mag that el'Nanny and me made back in College , which was torn down by some over enthusiastic canteen wall cleaner.

Anyway although BarCamp started off as a tech-geek thing it no longer is.
See if you can manage one.

barcamp , cool concept.


Blogger Venu said...

i happened to checkout the barcamp in bangalore and it was a nice experience..the guy who started this i.e. chris was also there.. more on that here :)


1:36 AM  
Blogger mohayana said...

Congrats you are now part a grp of influential pony-tails who will determine the course of our increasingly digital lives :)

Now , you really should try a pony tail

11:01 AM  

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