Friday, September 29, 2006

We know a LOT about you (insert diabolic laugh)

So, I rebuilt my laptop thanks to some arthritic windows performance.

Installed Firefox and found a google web accelarator that over the past 4 days has saved me an awful lot of time as it proudly proclaims on my taskbar

As much as Google would like to apply science for the greater good of humanity - to banish hunger or your need to sit in a public restroom - there's still a way to go and I'm ready to live with 20 secs saved over 5 hours online.

But , what I cant live with is my homepage changing automatically to this:

Now , I cant recite the Kural backwards , but I'm a proud tamil - but how did Google know?

Where did they snoop around on my hard disk ? I dont have tamil files on my disk, and I dont surf tamil sites - so , howd they know?

What are they tapping into? My previous post on this blog with a Tamil headline? My sub-conscious ? WTF??????

So , while they are laughing all the way to the bank selling targetted advertising - I have to go and change my home page back to Englipiss.

...and curiosity led me to click aroud and I noticed that the Google Tamil page does not have a News link - neither does Google Telugu,Kannada,Hindi,Gujarati,Bangla - but the Arabic,Chinese,Spanish and French sites do have the news link.

W T F???

Is this a google conspiracy to systematically deprive Indians of the news ? Another ploy to stem the tide of outsourcing by encouraging us to hemorrhage on indiatimes?

Be afraid , be very afraid - theyre watching us and theyre plotting.

Or maybe I've gone loony on myself , maybe this is coming from the voice that spoke to me last night , from the mandala that dominates my amygdala.

Or maybe that last para is auto inserted by Google to undermine the solid logic in my rant.

Any which way , guess its time to review those privacy agreements before you click
"I whole-heartedly agree to be your BDSM slave"


Blogger tangled said...

Despicable! Us poor proud Tamils, I tell you...
:) And thank you for compliments

1:14 PM  
Blogger mohayana said...

U r welcome.
Jus to clarify - twas for that post . You can change it back to 'complaints' when you go back to your usual posts.

5:34 PM  
Blogger corporate whore said...

Its because you went and checked for trisha and vikram videos on you tube, and now that they have taken that over, they linked it and BAM! there you are.

Hows patalu going?

9:38 PM  

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