Thursday, July 27, 2006

Smthin an all (or chummaaa post)

Last night , saw this black car go by , in the darkness what stood out was MASERATI scrawled in size 100 font on the side of the car .

What kind of a tikla does that?

I can picture him , each morning , beholding his wheels and exulting "YEAH!!!!! YEEEEAAAAH!!!! " , egged on by the scrawled name - with the same gusto as Beavis going "I need TP for my bunghole!"

Then in other stuff .... watched "Everything is Illuminated" , its disarmingly funny for the most part. Those Ukrainians kicksass ....and so does the central asian landscape .... ...talking of that ....twiddling thumbs in a meeting , I was rescued by a large map of the world on the wall. Lesson learnt - Kazakhstan is as large as India.

Central asia man! , I am going to tour that place on a bike , or better a caravan -someday.

Anyway... The movie is well worth a watch just for the acting , however I get the feeling the book'd have been better. Sadly , Elijah Wood does nothing more than look puzzled or keeps a wooden expression. The man who rocks is Eugene Hutz , actually born in Ukraine he is the King of this 'Premium' Movie.

Eugene Hutz on the right.

...and these two together rock the show

Then again , last week , found the dvd of "The Proposition" , starring Guy Pearce.
What made me buy it is the fact that it was written by and with music by da' dude Nick Cave .

Set in the Australian outback in the 1800s it has some stunning landscapes and quite strongly conveys the isolation of settler life there. The story is quite straight forward , but with some excellent acting by Emily Watson . The others too do a good job.
Solpa disappointed though that the music by da' Dude twas not quite what I expected , nice opening credits song though.

Among other things , I went and bought 'Introducing Semiotics' , trippin only , its like a Mobius strip , words dissecting the import of words...or whatever man

..and now to finish with a desi story I hrd
The University of Texas at Arlington has one of the highest desi student populations , so apparently there is this hostel block(or student hall or whatever those guys going to 'school' like to call hostles) with only desis.
Some clueless Amru visitor , looking for his Amru friend wanders in there and knocks on one of the doors
Sleepy desi opens the door

Amru : Is Dan Here?

Desi: No , there are no foreigners in this block


Blogger corporate whore said...

semiotics, eh? Its fun for a start, but after some time wverything can be retro fit. Thats what happens when you start out with the need of analysing everything.

and there are some really trippy names. levi -strauss for example.

12:10 PM  
Blogger mohayana said...

Levi Strauss buahahaha maybe he could analyse why the Mahabharatha has all that steam in it.

Analysing everything ... yeah thats when it goes off into some black hole of esoteric jazz.

Which is why the designers of the iPod click wheel probably never heard of Semiotics

..and thats smthin alluded to in Malcolm Gladwells Blink which should be a good read

But if we are the sum total of our experiences , some analysis may not be a waste

3:41 PM  
Blogger Mr. D said...

bwuahahahahaha semiotics

9:22 PM  
Blogger Mr. D said...

and the next time you're in town, entire nick cave discography will be made available for your pleasure, courtesy the meech.

2:20 PM  
Blogger mohayana said...

Now that makes me wanna come home this wknd...who knows?

2:23 PM  

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