Friday, January 12, 2007

Waking up

Its been many moons since the last I'll take this with a warm up.

Them clouds have always had a special place in my heart(think Ive got one)...not like when I gape at them on a clear day (which I've started doing after I heard of this )

...but like when clouds come down to meet the earthly.

My top three trysts with clouds

3. Flying over the red-brown mountains of central Asia , gazing across the expanse to the horizon , I see a snow-capped peak , head and shoulders above the clouds
(If you fly to Europe or back from Delhi take a window seat on a flight time that will afford you a gape at the beauty of the mountains beyond the Hindu-Kush)

2. One morning , fresh like it can be on a morning after sending some , trekked up the hill face in Munnar and perched on a rock atop , I see this cloud approaching. Slowly it does and it breaks into the mist that surrounds me. Like many of those things in life , the most beautiful things can be so simple when you meet them.

1. Aged 8 in Ooty , chasing some plaited skirts , suddenly find myself in a cloud. Felt like being in cotton-candy. A little scared , faced with the limited visibility. ...first times are always the best eh? warm up from the long silence when I stood in my balcony gazing at the monsoons devour the sauna that is Singapore....

.....not to evoke the wrong gods....but that sight kind of reminded me of that 11th of Sep....and when we are on the topic of twin-towers...heres one I grabbed last year in KL


Blogger corporate whore said...

Link not working dude. Photo no 2 looks eerie. Its like some SF movie, where the evil lord Drok dwells in secrecy.

Is that smoke or cloud?

12:30 PM  
Blogger mohayana said...

Link a 1984 like nod to the current state of the world a coupla sites devoted to this pastime have disappeared.

Eerie eh? Surreal I'd say. 'tis all cloud.

12:50 AM  

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