Friday, August 10, 2007

This and that

For those who checked in and were tired of seeing that Coach post (Doc, that'd be you) ... this and that from where I am.

Seen on a T Shirt
# Memes dont exist , tell your friends.

: He's sold his soul
: Nobody buys souls nowadays

Fun fact : This place has the highest restaurants per capita in the USA.Many of them by the uphill I will walk to school. Bon appetit.

Oh yeah, and this guy was awesome . He had the most compelling ,white-collar-Shantaram kind of story to tell. Swindling the state of Oklahoma and running off to Costa Rica... the toll that took on his family and the lesson there for us MBA students.

But just as Martha Stewart made all that money after a stint at the Cooler , he's planning to payback the $4million he was fined through a book and movie deal.Given that he plans to star in the movie. Who knows the upside? ....and besides, how long would you spend in jail to have that money and a booking schedule like that on his website. Bet he doesnt do that for free (anymore).



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