Saturday, April 21, 2007

Whither Logic

The Bush administration will probably be remembered as one of the most brazenly corrupt in the recent western politics.

The Neo-conservative hubris thats the idealogical fuel of this government was in full view when Wolfowitz was caught pulling his employers pants down to satisfy his girlfriend. When quizzed , all he could say was "The bank has important work to do and I will continue to do it.."

WTF?!!! I bet thats exactly what the maniac running Sudan , the Junta in Burma and even Hitler would've said when quizzed about irregularities.

....and the other thing that pissed me off this week was the pro-gun lobby in the US. In the wake of the Virgina Tech shootings , they've the gall to blame the high-death toll not on the easy availability of guns but on the University's ban on carrying weapons. According to them , the death toll would have been lower had people been allowed to carry guns on campus - then somebody in the room would have had a gun and would have shot the killer before he had the time to kill 32 people. WTF?!

When Saddam 'had' WMD , was the solution to get everybody to have WMD?


Blogger AI said...

This one is for the WTF department. I concur. Its brazen insolence

2:02 PM  

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